Calcium And Health

Calcium And Health'>

Calcium is the most active & the most prevalent metallic element in the human body. Calcium cannot be synthesized inside the human body & therefore must be obtained from outside source. Our Body contains several types of minerals among which the calcium is stored in the greatest. Up to 99% of the body calcium is stored in the bones & teeth. The remaining 1% is in the blood where it helps in blood coagulation & released from bones in order to maintain a normal blood level. calcium making the bones weak & increasing the risk of fracture.

Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency

  • Children: Night terrors, night crying, dysphoria, night sweat, caput quadratum, rickets, maldevelopment of the skeleton, low immunity, & susceptible to infections
  • Adolescents: Leg asthenia, spasms, poor physical training results, chronic tiredness, hypodynamia, spasms, backaches, susceptibility to clods & hypersensitivity.
  • Adult: Chronic tiredness, hypodynamia, spasms, backanches, susceptibility to clods & hypersensitivity.
  • Pregnant woman & puerperium: Calf spasm, backaches, notalgia arthralgia, edema, hypertension of pregnancy, etc.
  • Middle-aged & old persons: Backaches, nostalgia, calf spasm, osteoporosis, hypreosteogeny, osteomalacia, bone fracture, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, lithiasis, tumors, etc.

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